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About Us

Vanuatu Terminal Services Limited (VTS Ltd) is a subsidiary company of Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) set up in 2004 and registered with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) on June 24th 2004 under Company Act. VTS is wholly owned (100%) by Airports Vanuatu Ltd and is self-sustaining business.


The shareholders in Vanuatu Terminal Services Limited, at this time, is Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) and AVL Holdings.

Our Directors
  • Mr Bakoa Kaltongga (Chairman)

  • Mr Adrian Sinclair

  • Mr Mark Stafford

  • Mr Letlet August

  • Mr Jason Rakau


In order to remain the leader in international cargo safety of the South Pacific, we are compliant with the ICAO and IATA local and international mandatory obligations.

Our Customers

Commercial Airlines

We offer our customer airlines, including Virgin Australia, full ground handling services as scheduled into Port Vila. From check-in, boarding, baggage handling and behind the scenes services, we can offer commercial airlines a full range of services at competitive prices.

Cargo Aircrafts

Our services for cargo aircrafts include full ground handling and cargo services as required.

We have the facilities and the resources to manage your requirements including various aircraft types and schedule as required.

Military Aircrafts

VTS Limited have been servicing military aircrafts to and from Vanuatu for many years.

With varying schedules and requirements, as well as different aircraft types, we are proud to continue servicing these aircrafts from Australia, New Zealand and the US to the island nation of Vanuatu.

Medivac Aircrafts 

Medivac aircrafts to and from the island nation of Vanuatu are some of our long serving customers.

With last minute schedules and varying requirements,we are proud to continue partnering with medivac aircrafts to and from Vanuatu.

VIP Private Aircrafts

We continues to offer full ground handling and VIP services for our Private Aircraft customers to and from Vanuatu. Our services include full flight clearance, VIP services to your customers and crew as required.

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